BenPas Redoble Charities is a grant recipient of Pietra Viva Foundation. Founded by the children of Ben & Pasia Redoble. It is located in Cebu, Philippines.  The BenPas Redoble Foundation is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) whose advocacy is to help the less fortunate people of Moalboal. Its main objective is to come alongside the families, community and local government and provide people of all ages with increased educational opportunities, physical fitness, athletic competition, food sustenance and nutrition, and spiritual development.

Ben & Pasia Redoble

In loving memory of our parents, Ben & Pasia Redoble, the BenPas Redoble Charities came into being. They shaped us in ways both challenging and profound. Though their early years were marked by hardships and misguided beliefs, they ultimately showed us the power of transformation and redemption. From a difficult past, they evolved into beacons of love and compassion, teaching us valuable lessons along the way. With their guidance, we learned what to do. Through their example, we discovered the true meaning of resilience, forgiveness, and the capacity for change. Their legacy is to leave us striving to be better human beings. They had very less in life, but they never failed to demonstrate kindness in more ways than one can imagine. We hope to keep the flame they left burning through BenPas Redoble Charities.

Children of Ben & Pasia

#1  Bienvinido 
#2  Constantino
#3  Demosthenes (Treasurer)
#4  Emmanuel Luck
#5  Father Jok
#6  Roland
#7  Primo (Director)
#8  Carmen (Secretary)
#9  Ria
#10 Angel